The Incredible Flying Rabbit

On weekends, after Amanda gets up and gives the buns their treats (dried cranberries), she sometimes comes back to bed, but leaves the bedroom door open. Of course, the buns don’t let this pass – they come right in behind her and start roaming around the bedroom, climbing all over things and sniffing and chewing on whatever they can find.

This of course acts as a make-shift alarm clock for us, since they make a bit of noise as they push things over and climb over things. And of course they are SO CUTE that it’s hard to stay asleep while they’re playing.

This morning, however, something unusual happened.

Gus, of course, “loves his daddy,” and he apparently wanted to see me. The first thing he did this morning upon coming into the bedroom was run over to my side of the bed and stand up on his tippy toes and look for me. So I said “hi” to him, and that seemed to satisfy him… for the time being. But he REALLY wanted to get up close & personal with me.

Now, it should be mentioned that our new bed is quite high. It’s easily 3 feet above the ground, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s above hip-level for me – I actually have to climb up into bed each  night.

This had so far frustrated Gus’s efforts to jump on the bed. But not today!!

He made the incredible leap from the ground, onto the bed and (coincidentally) onto Amanda’s back – all  in one leap! What an amazing bunny! He then climbed around a bit, sniffing our feet and so forth, before leaping off the bed back to the floor. To our surprise, a few minutes later, he did it again! He jumped up on the bed, and then jumped back down a little bit later.

It’s quite funny to see  him leap off the bed – he looks like he’s flying for a bit there! Our Gussy boy is quite a jumper!

Of course, Betsy would never jump up that high – to say nothing of how she’d be too scared to jump down, if she ever got up there in the first place.

Still, it looks like Gus has found a new way to wake me up when I sleep in and don’t feed him at the appointed time. Ah, the life of a bunny slave!!

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By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.


  1. Betsy is a Holland lop, I think. She’s some sort of lop, anyway. I imagine seeing a lop leap through the air with those ears streaming behind would be a fantastic site to see. (Whew… too many alliterations!)

    Gus is the white rabbit with pink eyes… no lop ears there. I’m not 100% sure of the breed on either one, actually.

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