Weird Dreams

Last night’s dreams were a little disturbing.

Last night’s dreams were a little disturbing.

So, it starts out with me on the 2nd floor of my mom’s house, walking through what must be my sister’s room – although it didn’t look like it. Somehow, I knew that recently a steam vent of some sort had opened up in the back yard, and when I look out the window, I see a glowing orange & red mass, swelling up in the center. It’s lava, and it’s coming right towards the house. It’s already quite high in the back yard. I stumble a little, afraid but uncertain as to the danger. I rush towards the front hall, where there’s a window I can use to get out to the front porch, and then to the ground of the front yard. But the lava is already there. And it’s moving – rising – fast. So I run up the stairs to the 3rd floor, and I start to feel the house shake. I’m thinking that maybe they can get me out by helicopter. Who “they” are I don’t know. But the house is coming down, and then… I wake up.

But not really. In fact, I was having a dream within a dream. This time, I look out into the back yard, and the steam vent, which is located in the side of a hill at the back of the yard, is just hissing out steam. It’s winter, and the steam forms a fog that blankets everything – including the 100 acres of woods behind my mom’s house. The ground around the vent is clear, but there’s snow elsewhere. I think I went out into that fog for some reason, climbing the hill and going into the woods, but then the dream shifted… or maybe I woke up for real this time and drifted back into a different dream.

This time, I’m with a bunch of people at a big mansion on top of a big hill/mountain. It’s winter, and all the roads are covered with snow, about a foot deep. For some reason, my friend Tom is there. He and I both have our cars (my Outlander and his BMW 735). Tom, myself, and some small kid decide to head into town. I don’t know why, but we take Tom’s car. (Just to reiterate in case you don’t know – that BMW is about 12 years old, and is rear-wheel drive. I also knew in my dream that he didn’t have his snow tires on.)

We start down the mountain – which is clear of trees, but has steep cliffs – and somehow Tom’s BMW has a 3rd row of seats. I’m yelling at the kid to sit down and put his seatbelt on, which he does. Then we start moving faster, and Tom starts trying to turn – there’s a 90 degree turn coming up, and a cliff beyond that if we don’t make it. We slide off the road, into the snow-covered grass, but somehow the car starts to turn after hitting a bank of snow, and we make it down. I can remember saying “we should’ve taken my car.”

Down in town, somehow the little kid is gone, and my sister Kristin is there instead. We’re at a strip mall, where everything is closed & dark except for one place – a club or gaming center or something. It’s got big glass windows at the front, and you can see everyone inside. There’s music playing and people playing games and talking. The place is packed – it’s about 20 or 30 feet wide, but much, much longer – I can’t see the back wall. Typical of a strip-mall type place. I can remember standing there for a moment, looking inside, and asking Kristin, “you want me to go in there?”

Then I woke up.

As I said… it was a weird, disturbing sequence of dreams.

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