Bunny Games

I’ve got quite a few videos of Gussy playing his games, but most are too big to put here on my blog. However, with the help of the Windows Media Encoder tool, I was able to compress one video down to a very respectable size – just 131 KB. It’s a video of Gussy playing his favorite “bunny game.” He’s a little camera shy, so he’s not running as fast as he usually is, but you get the idea.

Anyway, click here to download/watch the video!

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.


  1. My bunny, Cookie, jumps on my bed around 6 AM every morning. Of course, I had no idea why since (like your bunnies) he gets scared of jumping down and hates it when I put him on my bed. My bed is a little lower than hip level, but he still manages to jump on it every morning. I asked a cat owner why he thinks my bunny does this, and he said his cat is used to him feeding him every morning, so he when he gets hungry, he’ll nudge or wake up his owner to try to bug him until he gets fed. I guess that’s the reason for my bunny because I always feed him pellets in the mornings.

    Solution: And I don’t know cuz I’ve just begun to try it. I’ve decided to lock him in his cage every morning he jumps in my bed (of course he tries to rattle the cage door, which kind of wakes me up too, since I don’t cage my bunny)AND untrain him by not feeding him in the mornings anymore. Instead, I will feed him pellets when I come home in the afternoon, so he’ll come and greet me too. The only problem with that is he usually naps during the afternoons, and refuses to come out from under the bed even when I bribe him with food. I don’t know…maybe that’s the case with your bunnies since you mentioned Amanda feeds them dried berries every morning. Just a suggestion.

  2. We eventually decided to keep the buns out of the bedroom, as they get under the bed and chew the underside of the bed – not good when it’s a brand new mattress!

    As for jumping up – we now keep them “locked up” in a big corner of the living room at night, since we can’t trust them not to chew things they shouldn’t at night (they are naughty when we’re not watching).

    They have their routine, though, and they don’t like it when we deviate from it – breakfast in the morning and at night (fresh greens). In fact, for dinnertime it’s like clockwork with them – they come out at almost exactly the same time every night, ready for “din-din”. And they don’t mind being locked up – as long as dinner’s served and they have a fresh bowl of hay!

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