Canoeing, take II

Over the weekend we went canoeing again. We were going to go in the Nashua, but it turned out to be too shallow, so we went to a lake in Leominster State Forest, on Route 31. Here’s some pics!

the canoe on the outlander

Here’s the canoe on top of the Keithmobile. Check out those custom roof-rack attachments!

the canoe on the lake

Here’s the canoe on the lake. We had stopped to have lunch on the far shore.

amanda in the canoe

And here’s Amanda in the canoe. It was a good day; just paddling around for a while. Amanda put me to shame with her Dragonboating experience – she’s a very strong paddler!

There’s not much else to say about our adventure… we’ll undoutably go again, maybe in the same place, or maybe not. It’s just nice sometimes to get out & be in nature for a while.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.