Outlanding Report

Yesterday I did some minor Outlanding. I took my camera with me, mostly because I was really out for pictures of the leaves, but I found some trails anyway.

This first picture is of a place I’ve written about before, a sand/mud pit just over the border in Ipswitch, New Hampshire. It’s near Mt. Watatic – actually a bit beyond the mountain’s traditional trail entrance. If you’ve ever been up there, you’ll know the general area I’m talking about. You take Rindge Road in Fitchburg all the way to it’s end, and turn left. It’s a couple of miles up on your left. There were some people there when I took the picture, so I didn’t go in (kids were playing), but I’ve been in there before. I assume people go there with their ATVs, but it’s a good playground for trucks & SUVs too. Nothing too steep or dangerous for a low-clearance SUV/truck, and the sand won’t break or bend any bodywork.

This picture is of a muddy trail on the same road as the above-mentioned sand pit. It’s a short trail, only about 100 ft long before it becomes very weed-covered (and hence, likely to scratch your paint). The mud is not too deep, but it does require some skill to get through in, say, an Outlander. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in that mud! It’s a fun spot, and there’s a sign that says Commercial Land for Sale at the entrance, so you can always say you were checking out the land if you get caught there.

As I continue to explore – sorry, Outland – I’ll try to post more pictures and directions.

Also, there is an interesting trail with its entrance in the parking lot for Hannaford in Lunenburg (on top of what’s known as “Wal-Mart Mountain”). I haven’t been down it recently, but I explored it once with the Keithmobile-C (the truck), and it’s not that bad. The tough part is getting in there without attracting undue attention, though I’ve seen people running their ATVs up there, so it may be privately owned, or maybe not.

That’s all for now… peace, y’all.


By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.