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I told you before, we’re NOT snuggling

There’s a draft in dad’s office – it comes from under the door that leads out to the garage. It’s not bad, but it has been a little chilly recently (p.s. it’s snowing out again – I love it, dad’s going absolutely nuts).

So, once again, I have to remind everyone that this is NOT snuggling:

snuggle bunnies under a box 3-21-2011 4-30-41 PM

Despite what it might look like, we are actually just huddled together for warmth from the draft. Yeah, that’s all.

Now, carry on.


Totally Not Snuggling

Dad saw us last night in this position, and he went all “awwww” and said we were being snuggle-buns.

cuddling bunnies

But he’s completely wrong. We’re totally not snuggling. Can’t you tell the difference? I’m just… leaning my head on Betsy. Using her as a pillow, you might say. Because I’m too tough a bunny to be seen snuggling!

Yeah, that’s definitely not snuggling dad. Learn to tell the difference, will ya? Geez.


Not Snuggling

Dad sometimes says we’re “snuggle buns.” He even claims to have photographic proof. But as always, it’s ALL LIES.

we're not snuggling!

You see, this is actually just a complicated optical illusion that causes it to look (to your inferior human eyes) like we’re snuggling. But we’re not.

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not hardly.

Seriously, no, we’re not snuggling at all.

Not snuggling.


Ok, ok, we were snuggling… just don’t tell dad he was right!!!


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