Not Lazy

Sometimes dad says we are lazy, and that we just lounge around and sleep all day.

side by side floppageside-by-side floppageside by side floppage (closeup) I don’t know what he’s talking about.







8 responses to “Not Lazy”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    I know bunnies and how hard you are plotting and planning inside…

  2. Lisa Avatar

    It takes a lot of work to snuggle so hard and get it so perfect 😉

  3. Lisa (The Human) Avatar
    Lisa (The Human)

    Lazy maybe, but super cute to get a snuggle shot!

  4. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    So you might lounge around and sleep during the day–that frees you up to be active all night, doesn’t it?

  5. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    You two look just too snuggly-cute for words.

    Mr. Mick says that bunnies need their rest–all that cute is a lot of work (besides, they’re up all night plotting, they have to sleep sometime.)

  6. Jessica Avatar

    Oh you guys are too cute! What is your dad talking about?! Obviously you and Gus are hard at work … being the cutest babes ever can take a lot out of a bun.

  7. Abigail Avatar

    What?!?! You are clearly resting before all the work you are going to be doing later.

  8. welovebuns Avatar

    I love the way they cuddle together! Bunnies are just the sweetest things!