We’re Still Here

In case anyone thinks we’ve disappeared, well, we haven’t. We’ve just been super busy!

Yeah, that’s it.

napping gus

And of course, when I say super busy I mean super busy taking naps.

Hey, you gotta have priorities.



Because I Can

Dad was wondering the other day why I was flopped in the middle of the living room. (Conveniently blocking his path, I might add.)

gus laying in the middle of the living room

The answer, of course, is because I can. After all, this is my house.

And don’t you forget it, dad!


Floppy New Year

This year I decided to start the new year off with a really big flop.

gus flopped 2

Dad saw this and thought it was particularly noteworthy, so he came and took my picture.

I think maybe I’ll aim to improve my flopping and napping techniques this year. How about you?



Parallel Floppage

It’s important to keep an eye on dad these days – you never know when he might come to pick one of us (probably me) up. So Gus and I take turns being the “lookout.”

parallel floppage

I’m watching you, dad.

Don’t get too comfy, Gus. Your turn is next!


Can’t a bun just take a nap?

It seems I can’t even take a nap without dad snapping a picture of me, or checking to see if I’m still alive (something about the way we flop over when we’re sleeping really freaks him out – it’s great fun).

But geez, can’t a bun just take a quiet nap around here without being disturbed?

betsy flopped (next to gus) with ear up I tried using Gus as my shield against dad, but it didn’t work so well. Dad still saw me and took a picture (after looking very closely to see if I was still breathing – he is such a worry-wart).

You’d think my tunnel would be a good place for a nap, but dad finds us in there, too – and there’s nothing worse than waking up from a nap only to see dad’s head framed at the end of the tunnel. Ugh.

Does anybun have any suggestions for good napping places? Or where is your favorite place to flop out for a quick snooze?


Clean Litterbox = Nap Time

Dad cleaned my litterbox today, which means it’s time to take a nap!

gus napping on his side in his litterbox

Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a clean litterbox!

gus takes a nap in his clean litterbox

I can just relax… well, almost. I need to keep one ear out (up) because dad is nearby, hovering over me with his stupid camera.

betsy with one leg sticking out Betsy says she doesn’t understand why I love laying in a clean litterbox. She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.