We’re Still Here

In case anyone thinks we’ve disappeared, well, we haven’t. We’ve just been super busy!

Yeah, that’s it.

napping gus

And of course, when I say super busy I mean super busy taking naps.

Hey, you gotta have priorities.




  1. Glad to see all is well–and naps are absolutely necessary. How else are we going to maintain the levels of cute needed to keep our humans in line (and our bunny butts out of trouble)?

  2. Yes, naps are essential to being a bunny. Mom and Dad say that it seems like my friends and I sleep all the time except when we hear treats, eat, or are just out of our cage. Glad to see you back even though you’ve been so busy. We thought Betsy melted your dad’s camera with her angry bunny stare when he did not get dinner out on time. 🙂

  3. You guys have lives. We understand. We love that you share the bunnies with us. We won’t go away.

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