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  • Goodbye, Gus

    Gus suddenly wasn’t feeling good this weekend, and though mum & dad took him to the vet right away, Sunday morning he couldn’t get up very well and he was very cold – so I snuggled up to him to try and keep him warm. But mum & dad said it wasn’t enough, and he…

  • The Things I Put Up With

    Just an example of one of the many weird things I have to put up with. Dad is such a dork. -Gus

  • The Importance of Staying Hydrated

    In this warm weather (or, at least, I think it’s warm out – I wouldn’t know; it’s always 72°F in our room) it’s important for bunnies to stay well hydrated. So be sure to drink up! -Gus

  • We’re Still Here

    I know it’s been a while, but we’re still around – we’ve just been… busy. See? Very busy, with very important bunny business! -Gus

  • I Am The Boss Bunny

    …And don’t you forget it! -Gus

  • Understanding Bunnies, Part 2

    Lesson two: how to tell if it’s time to feed your bunny. It’s always time to feed your bunny. But there are different ways to communicate how late you are with feeding your bunny. For example: Feed me now: Why haven’t you fed me yet? -Gus

  • Understanding Bunnies

    Lesson one: the subtleties of bunny communication. Mildly interested in you: Despises your very existence: See the difference? Next time: how to tell when it’s time to feed your bunny. -Gus

  • My New Domain

    So, we moved to a new house. Mum and dad say things aren’t quite all unpacked or set up yet, but as long as my food bowl & litter box are in the right spot, I don’t mind. Besides, I’ve got lots of chinning & sniffing to do. Oh, and I also need to sit…


    Pssst… hey dad… dad! …It’s TIME TO FEED THE BUNNIES. Much better. -Gus

  • What Do You Mean, “Moving?”

    Wait, what do you mean by “moving?” I didn’t give you permission to move! We’re just going to sit here until you put all the furniture back the way it was. Even though dad says we’re not moving far, and that we’ll have a yard to play in (while supervised), a garden to grow food…