My New Domain

So, we moved to a new house.

Mum and dad say things aren’t quite all unpacked or set up yet, but as long as my food bowl & litter box are in the right spot, I don’t mind. Besides, I’ve got lots of chinning & sniffing to do.

Oh, and I also need to sit and admire my new domain.

gus and his domain

betsy wonders if I'm just taking a photo or if I've got treats

Oh, right, sorry Betsy… I mean “our” domain.

gus sitting at the (slightly unfinished) end of the livingroom

Sorry, what’s that, dad? “Your” house? Ha ha ha, nope! It’s MINE!

Now bring me some treats.


gus portrait






6 responses to “My New Domain”

  1. Bunya Avatar

    Looks wonderful!
    But I have to ask: Has the cable cord been chewed through yet?
    > : )

    1. Karen M Avatar
      Karen M

      I was wondering about the cable, too. Looks mighty tasty!

  2. speedyrabbit Avatar

    how long before the cable cord gets chewed …. bets any one?

  3. brandi Avatar

    Let’s face it, Dad. Everything you do, you do for the bunnies. If Gus needed a kidney, and yours was compatible, you would hand over a kidney…so the house is definitely THEIR domain!

  4. Jade (and Mr. Mick) Avatar

    Congratulations on your new home! Mr. Mick says he will be over later to sample that lovely cable cord if it hasn’t already been nommed by now. 😉

  5. the bunns Avatar

    Cut them some slack, folks! They already got the switch-plate off and rewired the house … the cable all in due time!!! Right guys?