What Do You Mean, “Moving?”

Wait, what do you mean by “moving?” I didn’t give you permission to move!

buns are displeased with the lack of furniture

We’re just going to sit here until you put all the furniture back the way it was.

gus and betsy chillaxin one last time in their old favorite spot

Even though dad says we’re not moving far, and that we’ll have a yard to play in (while supervised), a garden to grow food & treats for us, and a bigger house to explore, I’m still not happy with the changes.


gus portrait







4 responses to “What Do You Mean, “Moving?””

  1. brandi Avatar

    Ugh, change is terrifying.
    But GusGus, a GARDEN! Herbs, carrots, celery, assorted lettuces fit for a Betsy, ahem, Bunny…
    Watermelon, parsley, fresh dandies popping right out of the ground at your cute little feet!
    Green grass to nom…fresh air with all the yummy scents of autumn. Big piles of snow to hide on, NEW closets and corners to explore!
    Oh boy oh boy, Gustafson, Dad is going to have SO much less time for himself now…it’ll be fantastic to watch him slave away for you and the Betser. I done wore m’self out just thinking about it. Join me for a nap?

  2. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    Wait — he didn’t let you sniff the place out yourself first? He didn’t show you the floor plans for your approval?? He didn’t even take pictures to show you or do a webcam tour?!?! OMG. Humans!

    We’re so hard to train.

  3. speedyrabbit Avatar

    gosh no preview on the new abode?xx Speedy

  4. the bunns Avatar

    Could be good, could be bad. Wait – those peeps need a bigger house because … ????