Understanding Bunnies

Lesson one: the subtleties of bunny communication.

Mildly interested in you:

gus is slightly interested in what I'm doing

Despises your very existence:

disapproving gus

See the difference?

Next time: how to tell when it’s time to feed your bunny.


gus portrait

What Do You Mean, “Moving?”

Wait, what do you mean by “moving?” I didn’t give you permission to move!

buns are displeased with the lack of furniture

We’re just going to sit here until you put all the furniture back the way it was.

gus and betsy chillaxin one last time in their old favorite spot

Even though dad says we’re not moving far, and that we’ll have a yard to play in (while supervised), a garden to grow food & treats for us, and a bigger house to explore, I’m still not happy with the changes.


gus portrait


Is Dinner Ready Yet?

Hey dad, is dinner ready yet?

is dinner ready yet

No, seriously, is dinner ready yet?

betsy wants to know - where is dinner

Hey, are you listening?

betsy glares while gus grooms

Stop looking at Gus and listen to me. IS. DINNER. READY. YET??

betsy - up close and personal

I’m not coming out until dinner is served.

where's betsy

Is that dinner?

here's betsy!

I don’t think that’s dinner.

betsy playing peek-a-boo


betsy is not amused

(Dinner was served immediately after this. There are no pictures because dad no longer had the will to hold his camera in my direction.)