Don’t Even Think About It

What’s that, dad? You say someone suggested we replace our box in your office, the one by the bunnycam?

betsy napping (with gus in the background)

Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.








5 responses to “Don’t Even Think About It”

  1. brandi Avatar

    Hot Dang, Betz, what BLOCKHEAD would make a suggestion like THAT? Some simpleton, I bet…ALTHOUGH…wouldn’t a nice new sturdy toy hidey box from Binky Bunny Store be FUN??!!!
    Oh, Santa Daddy…

    No???? Ok….

    1. Keithius Avatar

      We actually just got them the tunnel from there – and they’ve been completely ignoring it.

      Typical. 🙁

  2. the bunns Avatar

    ON the web cam, Gus had a dream and snuggled closer to Betsy! Take an inch or so off that one front corner leg and the box’ll last another month or so!

  3. Speedy Rabbit Avatar

    Bunnies they know what they want,and some times there is no pleasing them…hehehe

  4. Mats Avatar

    We are so happy to see you two back blogging again! Hope that you and your humans have recovered from Sandy!