BUNNYCAM STATUS: Offline until further notice. (Sorry! Hopefully someday we’ll get a proper camera so we can bring this feature back.)


  1. Hi Guys! Been visiting the bunnycam since its’ inception, and all I ever get is a black screen. I run FF and have no script, but scripts are allowed. Help! as I’m a big fan of Betsy and Gus.

  2. @Jimmy: The bunnycam is powered by Ustream, which uses Flash to show the bunnycam live feed. Try visiting http://www.ustream.tv and click on any random channel and see if you can see anything, or if it’s still just a blank screen.

    If you can’t see anything there, then something might be wrong with Flash on your computer – try going to Adobe’s Flash Player page and seeing if there’s a new version. That might help you.

    If you CAN see stuff on Ustream’s site, but not here, then let us know – you can email me directly if you prefer – and we’ll try to help you as best we can!

  3. Little cutie patootie Betsy and one ear of Gus standing at alert. You big protector-bun Gussy boy because poor Betsy is basically deaf with those big lop ears.

  4. Now everyone can understand what it’s like spending the day with these two. They’re just so adorable… but they do like to flaunt how easy their life is!!

    I wonder if I should set up a sort of chat-room like addition to the bunnycam so that people can mention the cute things that they see the bunnies doing? Eventually comments will get unwieldy over time. (The chat room comes free with the Ustream account I’m using to broadcast the video.) Thoughts, anyone?

  5. A chatroom to meet the visitors of the Gus&Betsy’s webcam would be great 🙂
    Since I have discovered the G&B webcam I have it opened on a window all day long – oh, the advantages of having flat rate broadband 24/7 🙂 Your bunnies are just adorable! (but do not tell Miss Eve and Neville…they’d be jealous!)

  6. It *does* take a little while for the stream to start (sometimes you’ll see an ad before it begins playing), and the buns aren’t always moving (they sleep most of the day), so sometimes it can be hard to tell if the stream is playing or if the bunnies are just holding really, really still!

  7. Is it just us getting a bad signal, or has the BunnyCam been transmitting kind of a strange recursive picture the past few days? We can only see the top half of the picture, while the bottom half displays various smaller versions of the top half…

  8. We are on vacation at the moment and left the bunnycam running… but it seems to run into trouble if we aren’t there to tend it (what do you expect from a free video streaming service, I guess)… so yeah, it’s probably just stuck in some weird loop right now.

    We’ll have it back up and running again in a week, no fear. In the meantime… happy thoughts of cute bunnies (which is pretty much all you’d ever see anyway!!).

    1. Sort of – UStream (which is what powers the bunnycam) has been giving us some serious problems lately (crashing, not working, etc.) so… dad’s working on it. We’ll keep gnawing at his ankles until he gets it fixed, so hang in there!

  9. Action shots! Gus is getting petted, he leaps away, a disembodied hand gives him a ball, he plays with the ball, the hand brings him the knotted wood toy…..what will happen next?!?

  10. The hand returns with a strip of cardboard, a tug of war ensues, Gus wins of course, he then flings the cardboard around to show who’s boss, oh no! while I was typing this Gus has vanished! Where has Gus gone?

  11. Hi, I’ve been following your amazing blog since before I got my own house bun, Audrey and I just wondered if you could explain your housing set up further. Aud is my first bun and I’m keen to release her from the horrible pet shop cage that she came with (I’ve been attaching it to a puppy pen to give her some space) and create a bun area similar to yours. Any advice you can give on this would be awesome! Thanks! Love Lily

    1. “…she knows when you are sleeping, she knows when you’re awake, she knows when you are watching her on the bunnycam, so she can move away and properly display her disapproval…”

  12. WAAHHH!! THIS MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY! 🙂 If I was a bigger nerd I would totally do this with my buns also. Thanks for sharing Gus and Betsy with the world 🙂

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