Is Dinner Ready Yet?

Hey dad, is dinner ready yet?

is dinner ready yet

No, seriously, is dinner ready yet?

betsy wants to know - where is dinner

Hey, are you listening?

betsy glares while gus grooms

Stop looking at Gus and listen to me. IS. DINNER. READY. YET??

betsy - up close and personal

I’m not coming out until dinner is served.

where's betsy

Is that dinner?

here's betsy!

I don’t think that’s dinner.

betsy playing peek-a-boo


betsy is not amused

(Dinner was served immediately after this. There are no pictures because dad no longer had the will to hold his camera in my direction.)


5 thoughts on “Is Dinner Ready Yet?

  1. Rachel

    Love the photo-essay! There’s nothing more grumpy than a lop-eared bunny who feels that dinner is late. (Or at least that’s my experience with my lop, Clyde!)

  2. Bunny Boy

    I happened to find this awesome blog and followed it!
    Was hoping that in return you would check out and follow my blog.
    Bunny Hugs,
    Bunny Boy

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