Is Dinner Ready Yet?

Hey dad, is dinner ready yet?

is dinner ready yet

No, seriously, is dinner ready yet?

betsy wants to know - where is dinner

Hey, are you listening?

betsy glares while gus grooms

Stop looking at Gus and listen to me. IS. DINNER. READY. YET??

betsy - up close and personal

I’m not coming out until dinner is served.

where's betsy

Is that dinner?

here's betsy!

I don’t think that’s dinner.

betsy playing peek-a-boo


betsy is not amused

(Dinner was served immediately after this. There are no pictures because dad no longer had the will to hold his camera in my direction.)







5 responses to “Is Dinner Ready Yet?”

  1. Glenna Avatar

    Betsy, you’re pretty tough! Go easy on Dad!

  2. Rachel Avatar

    Love the photo-essay! There’s nothing more grumpy than a lop-eared bunny who feels that dinner is late. (Or at least that’s my experience with my lop, Clyde!)

  3. Mickey (and Jade) Avatar

    I thought it was because your disapproval melted his camera. Dang humans–they never know when to stop with the pictures.

  4. the bunns Avatar

    Any hoomans hurt in that exercise? …… it was a fine example of “Stern”

  5. Bunny Boy Avatar
    Bunny Boy

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    Bunny Hugs,
    Bunny Boy