I’m Not Grumpy

Dad thinks I look “grumpy.”

mr. grumpy bun

I’m not grumpy – I just don’t like being disturbed during my nap-time.

…Which is pretty much all of the time.

Hint, hint, dad.







5 responses to “I’m Not Grumpy”

  1. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    I think “grumpy” would be an understatement of that LOOK..

  2. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    That’s a “do not disturb” look if I ever saw one. Tread lightly, dad–you could end up painfully disapproved.

  3. DKM Avatar

    …but grumpy makes me go squee…

  4. the bunns Avatar

    Phooey – grumpy, hmph. That is just Gus being Gus … Grumpy would probably melt the camera …

  5. FriendoftheAnimals Avatar

    Aawww, what a super sweet pic. I think you look sleepy, not grumpy.