I Find Your Lack of Treats… Disturbing

Dad came by while I was lurking behind the chair in his office. I think he wanted to take a picture of me while I was sleeping, but we can’t let him do what he wants, now, can we?

gus comes out of the darkness (looking for treats of course)

So I came up to him. After all, maybe he had some treats?

gus inquires as to the lack of treats

You… DO have treats, right dad?

gus disapproves of the lack of treats

I disapprove of the lack of treats.

gus says - you better have treats next time

Ugh, what a waste of my time. Next time, you’d better have treats!


Very Busy

Dad was wondering what Betsy and I were doing behind the chair in his office the other day.

gus is very busy

So I told him we’re very, very busy, doing very, very important things.

Like napping.

betsy peering

I think he got the hint.


Where’s Dinner?

Sometimes dad is really late with dinner, and we have to give him subtle hints that it’s time to feed us.

where is dinner This one usually works pretty well. The double-dose of disapproval really gets his attention.

I can happily report that just after this picture was taken, dinner was served.




Last night mum and dad went out for dinner & a movie. They came home late, and hadn’t left dinner out for us.

We were waiting when they got home to show them how much we disapprove of this.

double-barrel bunny

“It’s about time you got home. Now feed us!



It’s Halloween today, which means it’s trick-or-treat time.

Unfortunately, we got tricked.

bunnies in halloween costumes

Tricked into wearing costumes. WE STRONGLY DISAPPROVE OF THIS.

gus hates being in a costume

I maintain that it is NEVER OK to dress a rabbit up in a costume, no matter what.

trick-or-treat bunnies At least we got some treats out of the deal.

But mum and dad had better watch out – Betsy says we should go chew something of theirs as retribution for the unforgivable acts of:

  1. Picking us up; and,
  2. Dressing us in costumes

I think I agree with her. Time to go plot our revenge!


Mum and Dad are Back

Mum and Dad are back – they went away for a bit (about a week and a half). We don’t care where they went. In fact, we hardly noticed they were gone, since our auntie Leisa kept the food and treats kept coming. (Normally we would disapprove of them going away.)

Anyway, they’re back now (along with our grandparents from Australia). And as you can tell, we’re super excited.

Ha ha, fooled you – we’re not excited at all.

One thing I do disapprove of is dad letting the bunnycam go offline. (To be fair, he left it running, but the power went out once while he was gone, so it didn’t reconnect.) But, the bunnycam is back on-line now, so it’s all good.


Under-Chair time with dad

So Betsy and I are just chillaxin’, enjoying some quiet time under dad’s chair, when suddenly we see dad get down on the floor.

Naturally, of course, we rush over to see if he has any treats, but he just said he wanted to take a picture of us while we were chillaxin’.

Needless to say, we weren’t very happy.

As you can see, no treats were forthcoming.

betsy wants to know if there are treats forthcomingBetsy was not pleased.

gus scowls because there were no treatsI was not pleased either.

betsy scowls at dad because there were no treatsUh oh dad, you’d better look out. I think Betsy is PLOTTING YOUR DOOM.

gus does some self-groomingI will now proceed to ignore you by grooming myself. That’s how unimportant you are.

Maybe next time dad will learn to always bring us treats.


Not the BunnyCam – Just a Regular Camera

Dad’s a big dope. He forgot to turn on the bunnycam today. Not that I would notice, since lately I’ve been spending my days out in our area, instead of in dad’s office (I need a break from Gus constantly trying to get me to groom him). But Gus told me about it. So, if you were looking forward to watching the bunnycam and watching Gus sleep all day long, blame dad. It’s all his fault.

Then, at the end of the day, he came out and cleaned my area – and I was not happy! I worked really hard to mess it up just the way I like it! How dare he clean it all up!

Just to show dad how mad I was, I didn’t even leave the area as he cleaned. I stayed there – even when he ran the loud vacuum cleaner. I think he knows I wasn’t happy, because he finished quickly and put out a big bowl of nice, fresh hay. (I waited until he wasn’t looking to come over and eat it, of course – can’t have him thinking that I appreciate what he did!)

Then dad came out and took some pictures – but he took them from the same spot he normally sits to give us treats. So, naturally, I came up for a look.

betsy is suspicious of the cameraDo you have any treats, dad?

betsy wants to know if there are any treats forthcomingPlease tell me you’ve got some treats there.

betsy doesn't think there are any treatsBut dad tricked me. He had no treats – just his silly beeping camera.

one last check for treatsI am not amused, dad.

betsy keeps a close eye out in case she missed some treatsI was not happy. Not happy at all.

betsy sits down disappointed there are no treatsTricking me like that is not very nice.

the look of disapproval from betsyHow could you trick me like that?

betsy says how could you not give me treatsI told dad I was not happy with him. Then I decided the best way to teach him a lesson was to ignore him.

betsy doing some grooming

Ignore him and spend some time grooming myself, of course.

betsy does not appreciate the flashBut then dad fired that silly flash thing on his camera. I don’t appreciate the flash in my eyes, dad!!

gus does not appreciate the flash eitherGus doesn’t like the flash either, dad. Why don’t you turn it off?

more betsy groomingThat’s better. Now stay there while I ignore you.

ultimate disapprovalThen, to finish things off, I flopped down and gave him my most intense stare of disapproval.

He left just after that. I think he learned his lesson.


Bunny Clock

Mum and dad got a new clock with a bunny on it.

bunny clock on wall

We disapprove of this. After all, it should have a picture of US on it, not some strange bunny we don’t know.

Also: a clock should only have a few markings on it: treat time, breakfast time, and dinner time. This clock doesn’t have any of those. Therefore, it sucks.


Mum and Dad are Back

Mum and dad are back. But we can’t let them know that we missed them at all. Instead, we must act as disinterested in their return as possible.

Fortunately, we rabbits excel at this:


“Oh. You’re back. We didn’t notice.”