Public Bunny Announcement: No Flash Photography

I think sometimes people forget that we bunnies have sensitive eyes.

For example, I really don’t like flash photography.

gus does not approve of pictures

The flash blinds me – it’s just too much for my sensitive eyes to take. Remember, our eyes are adapted for seeing in the dim light of dusk/dawn!

Fortunately, dad rarely takes pictures with the flash on. (This picture here was an exception.)

No flash photography of bunnies! (Or, at least, no flash photography of ME!)


Gus's Newer Portrait


Mum says I gave her atrial flutter with this look.

gus's total disapproval

I cannot be held responsible for whatever happens to you as a result of looking at this picture.


Gus's Newer Portrait

The Stages of Disapproval

First stage – disapproval from a distance:

gus is sooky

Second stage – indifference:

gus sooky

Third stage – annoyance:

gus is not amused

Fourth and final stage – absolute disdain:

sooky gus

Warning: exposure to high intensity rabbit disapproval may be hazardous to your health, and may cause small electronic devices to spontaneously explode.


Gus's Newer Portrait

Rabbits In History

Mum and dad went to someplace called the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” this weekend.

Dad said we couldn’t come along because our constant disapproval would’ve shattered the sculptures and set the old paintings on fire.

He’s no fun.

egyptian bunny

Above: Forget cats, the Egyptians apparently also thought rather highly of rabbits.

Quite possibly the earliest depiction of “rabbit dissaproval” as well.

japanese bunny plate

Is that a bird or a rabbit?

japanese bunny plate info card

Oh, it’s a “rabbit running in field.” If you ask me, I would’ve titled it “rabbit giving you the foot-flick.”

japanese bunnies

Whoah! Those are some tough looking bunnies! (Is that bottom one holding a lizard in its mouth? Ewww!) The top one looks like he’s about to charge! This is undoubtedly the last work by this artist, as he didn’t survive the encounter with such vicious rabbits.

So, there you have some of the best selections of rabbit art throughout the ages.

I, of course, completely dissaprove.


Guard Rabbit

Yesterday I was laying outside of dad’s office, guarding it.

guarding dad's office

Dad was too scared to come out of his office with ME there!

you dissapoint me

So I gave him some concentrated “rabbit disapproval.”

gus says - you suck

You didn’t give me enough treats today, dad… therefore, YOU SUCK!

Later I found dad slumped over in his chair shivering… I guess I may have laid on the disapproval a little too heavy, so I came in and talked him out of his slump.

hanging out in dad's office

It’s OK dad. Just don’t let it happen again, OK? Treats at 7:30am sharp next time, got it?

I must be going soft in my old age.