Rabbits In History

Mum and dad went to someplace called the “Metropolitan Museum of Art” this weekend.

Dad said we couldn’t come along because our constant disapproval would’ve shattered the sculptures and set the old paintings on fire.

He’s no fun.

egyptian bunny

Above: Forget cats, the Egyptians apparently also thought rather highly of rabbits.

Quite possibly the earliest depiction of “rabbit dissaproval” as well.

japanese bunny plate

Is that a bird or a rabbit?

japanese bunny plate info card

Oh, it’s a “rabbit running in field.” If you ask me, I would’ve titled it “rabbit giving you the foot-flick.”

japanese bunnies

Whoah! Those are some tough looking bunnies! (Is that bottom one holding a lizard in its mouth? Ewww!) The top one looks like he’s about to charge! This is undoubtedly the last work by this artist, as he didn’t survive the encounter with such vicious rabbits.

So, there you have some of the best selections of rabbit art throughout the ages.

I, of course, completely dissaprove.



  1. What a nicely varied selection of lagomorphic depictions. I hope to go to the Asian Art Museum next week for the Ming Dynasty exhibit and will try to carry on your tradition. Tyler and Sydney would like to come and create a rumpus, but will have to stay home for safety’s sake…….

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