Public Bunny Announcement: No Flash Photography

I think sometimes people forget that we bunnies have sensitive eyes.

For example, I really don’t like flash photography.

gus does not approve of pictures

The flash blinds me – it’s just too much for my sensitive eyes to take. Remember, our eyes are adapted for seeing in the dim light of dusk/dawn!

Fortunately, dad rarely takes pictures with the flash on. (This picture here was an exception.)

No flash photography of bunnies! (Or, at least, no flash photography of ME!)


Gus's Newer Portrait


  1. Especially for the pink-eyed bunnies, I suspect. I always feel bad for Pink when I turn the light on in the morning for the same reason.

  2. Sound advice: no one wants damaged bun-eyes! Also, anytime I’ve accidentally used flash, I end up with red-eye big time, and any fix I’ve tried only turns them eerily white … I resort to cutting and pasting which messes up the facial expression (probably nothing anyone other than myself would notice, but still).

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