Where’s Dinner?

Sometimes dad is really late with dinner, and we have to give him subtle hints that it’s time to feed us.

where is dinner This one usually works pretty well. The double-dose of disapproval really gets his attention.

I can happily report that just after this picture was taken, dinner was served.




  1. Feeding time is serious business. If I am late with his food, Mr. Mick ratches up his disapproval level from “stun” to “maim”. Let me tell you, it’s not pretty when that happens.

  2. Have you ever tried hoping on you owners Feet and herding them to you food bowl? that somtimes works… Also i rattle on my cage door to get their attention. Thumping is great to!!!! How’s besty?

  3. Poor little Betsy’s abscess still persists and we can see its starting to bother her, so she is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday and hopefully that will take care of everything.

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