Mum and Dad are Back

Mum and dad are back. But we can’t let them know that we missed them at all. Instead, we must act as disinterested in their return as possible.

Fortunately, we rabbits excel at this:


“Oh. You’re back. We didn’t notice.”



  1. seriously…are you surprised? LOL We also just got back from a week away from home and one bunny was happy (expressed by an immediate binky) and the other one couldn’t haved cared less. 99% of the time we go away, my 2 act like they didn’t notice we were gone.

  2. Nice work – they will definitely think you are uninterested!

    I hope your Mum and Dad had a great holiday. (You both missed them, right?)

  3. Ooooh! Am so excited have just started a search for rabbit blogs and thrilled to find so many.

    Love this – so funny. Disinterest is indeed a defining characteristic.

    I have one much pampered house bunny – Humphrey – you can see him on my blog over at

    Love Charlotte

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