It’s Halloween today, which means it’s trick-or-treat time.

Unfortunately, we got tricked.

bunnies in halloween costumes

Tricked into wearing costumes. WE STRONGLY DISAPPROVE OF THIS.

gus hates being in a costume

I maintain that it is NEVER OK to dress a rabbit up in a costume, no matter what.

trick-or-treat bunnies At least we got some treats out of the deal.

But mum and dad had better watch out – Betsy says we should go chew something of theirs as retribution for the unforgivable acts of:

  1. Picking us up; and,
  2. Dressing us in costumes

I think I agree with her. Time to go plot our revenge!



  1. Not acceptable.

    Though in all fairness, what your parents have done to you is more like “head performance” (google Oolong, the Japanese wonder bunny RIP) than actually wearing costumes.

    Still, degrading nonetheless. Your disapproval is duly noted, at least by us.

  2. I think you guys are cuter with your Halloween costumes. You look stunning with orange outfit. I should have done this to met rabbit also looks like a fun idea. What I did actually was to decorate their rabbit hutch with pumpkins and some orange light not that unique but I gave so much effort on the pumpkin.

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