Floppy New Year

This year I decided to start the new year off with a really big flop.

gus flopped 2

Dad saw this and thought it was particularly noteworthy, so he came and took my picture.

I think maybe I’ll aim to improve my flopping and napping techniques this year. How about you?



Our Christmas Card Photos & Outtakes

Every year, dad tries to take a photo of us for his Christmas card. (It never turns out well – for him, or for us.) This year, he tried to keep things simple, but… well… you’ll see.

christmas card 2011 - take 1

We don’t like being picked up and put in strange places, dad. Never you mind that we both have jumped up here at various points in the past, that doesn’t count!

christmas card 2011 - take 2

As you can imagine, we don’t take dad’s direction on how to pose very well. Nobody wants to see your bum, Gus!

christmas card 2011 - take 3

Dad’s attempts to “pose” us himself don’t work out too well.

christmas card 2011 - take 4

While Gus tries to talk some sense into dad, I try to find a way off this chair.

christmas card 2011 - take 5

I think Gus was starting to get into the “spirit” of things a little tiny bit. I, on the other hand, was getting tired of all this, and I let dad know by giving him a good disapproving stare.

christmas card 2011 - take 6

Dad tried “posing” me, but he only has the 2 hands – he can’t pose us both at the same time!

christmas card 2011 - take 7

I disapprove of this.

christmas card 2011 - take 8

I really disapprove of this.

christmas card 2011 - take 10

Trying a different angle, dad? It won’t work. Just give up.

christmas card 2011 - take 11

Even Gus is getting tired of this by now.

christmas card 2011 - take 12

Dad started to get desperate towards the end, and took overhead shots of us. Nice try, but no.

christmas card 2011 - take 13

Zooming in doesn’t count as another try, dad. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this?

christmas card 2011 - take 14

Can we get down now?

Eventually, after much flipping back and forth between these photos (and many more he took that didn’t turn out), dad and mum settled on this one for the Christmas card this year:

christmas card 2011 - final take

They put a nice festive red border around it and everything – it looks… OK, I guess. But definitely not worth all the hassle he put us through for it.

Well, that’s all for now – hope everybunny has a nice Christmas filled with cranberries, banana, and other treats!


Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again, when mum and dad stink up the house with their weird food.

Dad says we have lots to be thankful for, like having each other to snuggle with.

betsy and gus - snuggle buns
(Not Snuggling)

Of course I don’t know what he’s talking about – it’s a trick of the light that we look like we’re snuggling here.

Personally I’m thankful for cranberries and clean litterboxes. Betsy says she’s thankful for carrots and mum. What is everybun else thankful for?


It’s International Rabbit Day; Give Us Some Treats

Today is International Rabbit Day. Wait, isn’t every day “rabbit day” around here?

And does this mean we get more treats today?

any treats hereAre there any treats over here?

hi dad, where are the treatsHey, dad… where are my treats? Don’t you know what day it is?

why aren't you giving me treatsNo treats? I’m… very disappointed in you, dad.

are these shoes treatsLook at poor Betsy, dad. She wants a treat. Won’t you give her (and me) one? I think it’d be in your best interest. If Betsy doesn’t get a treat, she might start hungerly eyeing mum’s shoes, if you know what I mean…

no treatsC’mon dad, how can you say no to us?

I'm over youOh, now you’ve done it. Betsy says “I’m over you, dad.” You’ve been snubbed.

I’ll tell you what, dad… it’s a whole day event here. There had better be some more treats for us by the end of the day. That’s all I’m saying.

Happy International Rabbit Day to everyone else…


2011: The Year of the RABBIT

Did everyone catch that?

Yeah. 2011. The year of the RABBIT.

Obviously, I expect to get extra treats all year long. If I get treats, it will be a happy new year. If I don’t, well…


Merry Bunny Christmas!

This all happened about a month ago, but I was finally able to sneak the photographic evidence away from dad.

Yes, once again dad forced us to pose for his Christmas card.

Needless to say, we DID NOT APPROVE.

bunnies hate christmas card photos What you can’t see is all the stuff around us – dad was trying really, really hard. Just look!

bunny photo shoot setup

I think this qualifies as bunny torture.

This was the final result:

bunny christmas card picture 2010

I think we’ve finally convinced dad that “posed” pictures just aren’t going to work with us anymore. We won’t put up with it. I think next year he won’t try anything this outlandish – which means we’ve succeeded in putting a stop to this nonsense. Bunnies: 1, Dad: 0!

Everyone have a merry Christmas! I hope you get lots of treats!



It’s Halloween today, which means it’s trick-or-treat time.

Unfortunately, we got tricked.

bunnies in halloween costumes

Tricked into wearing costumes. WE STRONGLY DISAPPROVE OF THIS.

gus hates being in a costume

I maintain that it is NEVER OK to dress a rabbit up in a costume, no matter what.

trick-or-treat bunnies At least we got some treats out of the deal.

But mum and dad had better watch out – Betsy says we should go chew something of theirs as retribution for the unforgivable acts of:

  1. Picking us up; and,
  2. Dressing us in costumes

I think I agree with her. Time to go plot our revenge!


The Buns of Christmas Past, Part 2

After those first joyful Christmases, filled with treats, phone books, and wrapping paper to chew and shred, mum and dad somehow got it into their heads that they should send out Christmas cards… with pictures of us on the front.

bunnies in front of the tree

buns hate christmas photos

Suffice to say, we do not approve of this.


Gus's Newer Portrait

The Buns of Christmas Past, Part 1

Well, it’s starting to get on towards that time of year. So I thought I’d go back and remember some bunny Christmases from years past.

I can still remember my first Christmas  – I got lots of good presents back then.

gussy examining presents

Of course, I got to be the first one to sniff the presents (and chin them, so that they were all MINE!).

betsy opening a present

Oh yeah, and Betsy was there too – so it was the first Christmas for us both!

betsy and her present (2)

As you can expect, there were treats galore.

gus prefers what keith has

Though I had mastered the art of disapproval even then. Plus, I’d rather have what dad has… that looks like fun to chew on! (He never gave it to me to chew on.)

gus examining presents

But the wrapping paper was kind of a present in itself, so it was OK.

gus eating his present

Did I mention there were treats?

Yeah, that was a good Christmas.


Gus's Newer Portrait