Merry Bunny Christmas!

This all happened about a month ago, but I was finally able to sneak the photographic evidence away from dad.

Yes, once again dad forced us to pose for his Christmas card.

Needless to say, we DID NOT APPROVE.

bunnies hate christmas card photos What you can’t see is all the stuff around us – dad was trying really, really hard. Just look!

bunny photo shoot setup

I think this qualifies as bunny torture.

This was the final result:

bunny christmas card picture 2010

I think we’ve finally convinced dad that “posed” pictures just aren’t going to work with us anymore. We won’t put up with it. I think next year he won’t try anything this outlandish – which means we’ve succeeded in putting a stop to this nonsense. Bunnies: 1, Dad: 0!

Everyone have a merry Christmas! I hope you get lots of treats!








6 responses to “Merry Bunny Christmas!”

  1. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    Well, Gus, you have to admit that the two of you are very photogenic. And at least you’re not wearing costumes, though that Nutcracker looks rather scary. Maybe next year you could just get your photos taken in front of a Christmas backdrop or have them PhotoShopped. Hoppy Holidays!

  2. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    Oh I can feel your dispproval from here! But you make a very handsome pair and I’m sure people are delighted to have you feature on their Christmas cards! Hope you both gets lots of treats over the holiday season to make up for the indignity!

  3. the bunns Avatar

    You are our heros Gus and Betsy. You can be everybunns christmas card!

  4. Abigail Avatar

    Congratulations on putting an end to that ridiculousness, Gus! I can’t imagine what I would do if Mommy made me do that kind of thing.

    But, just for the record, you guys look great. Just saying.

  5. Nicole Avatar

    Oh no, Gus! I can’t agree with you. If you can’t get into the holiday spirit on your own, you must be forced into it, because those pictures are adorable.

  6. Katie Avatar

    Oh no, you guys look adorable! I love personal Christmas cards and having two fantastic bunnies on the front is about as good as you can get! Next year, you could be elves!! =)