Our Christmas Card Photos & Outtakes

Every year, dad tries to take a photo of us for his Christmas card. (It never turns out well – for him, or for us.) This year, he tried to keep things simple, but… well… you’ll see.

christmas card 2011 - take 1

We don’t like being picked up and put in strange places, dad. Never you mind that we both have jumped up here at various points in the past, that doesn’t count!

christmas card 2011 - take 2

As you can imagine, we don’t take dad’s direction on how to pose very well. Nobody wants to see your bum, Gus!

christmas card 2011 - take 3

Dad’s attempts to “pose” us himself don’t work out too well.

christmas card 2011 - take 4

While Gus tries to talk some sense into dad, I try to find a way off this chair.

christmas card 2011 - take 5

I think Gus was starting to get into the “spirit” of things a little tiny bit. I, on the other hand, was getting tired of all this, and I let dad know by giving him a good disapproving stare.

christmas card 2011 - take 6

Dad tried “posing” me, but he only has the 2 hands – he can’t pose us both at the same time!

christmas card 2011 - take 7

I disapprove of this.

christmas card 2011 - take 8

I really disapprove of this.

christmas card 2011 - take 10

Trying a different angle, dad? It won’t work. Just give up.

christmas card 2011 - take 11

Even Gus is getting tired of this by now.

christmas card 2011 - take 12

Dad started to get desperate towards the end, and took overhead shots of us. Nice try, but no.

christmas card 2011 - take 13

Zooming in doesn’t count as another try, dad. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this?

christmas card 2011 - take 14

Can we get down now?

Eventually, after much flipping back and forth between these photos (and many more he took that didn’t turn out), dad and mum settled on this one for the Christmas card this year:

christmas card 2011 - final take

They put a nice festive red border around it and everything – it looks… OK, I guess. But definitely not worth all the hassle he put us through for it.

Well, that’s all for now – hope everybunny has a nice Christmas filled with cranberries, banana, and other treats!








6 responses to “Our Christmas Card Photos & Outtakes”

  1. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    *Puts down a yummy salad in the far room so little ears won’t overhear this conversation*

    I found the secret to bunny Christmas cards is all in the set-up of where you put them. 🙂 Typically, I put a sheet down and blocked an area off on table or counter so their sideways movement was limited. I then put a treat down in front of them for them to nom on. I then held another threat up near the camera so it looked like they were posing for the camera.

    Sometimes it took 5 – 6 shots. The problem is, rabbits are very smart and catch on quick to how to milk you for more treats. Little bra.. oh, Betsy and Gus are back! Little darlings, I was going to say little darlings!

    *runs for it.*

  2. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    That red chair does make for a perfect background. I would have gone with the third picture myself, that closeup shot was too cute. Mr. Mick and I wish you a bunderful Christmas and a very Hoppy New Year!

  3. Glenna Avatar

    Gus and Betsy, tell Dad you need special treats all week for the hard work of posing that you did.

  4. The Bunns Avatar

    Well done. Now tell him to get back to slaving and such. You have enough good shots there for about 6 more christmas cards.

  5. craftygreenpoet Avatar

    what adorable photos!

  6. Lisa Avatar

    Your Dad is pretty good at forcibly posing you guys, and wearing a red shirt that blends in with the chair is awfully sneaky of him! We are very impressed. Great pics! Merry Christmas!!!