The Buns of Christmas Past, Part 1

Well, it’s starting to get on towards that time of year. So I thought I’d go back and remember some bunny Christmases from years past.

I can still remember my first Christmas  – I got lots of good presents back then.

gussy examining presents

Of course, I got to be the first one to sniff the presents (and chin them, so that they were all MINE!).

betsy opening a present

Oh yeah, and Betsy was there too – so it was the first Christmas for us both!

betsy and her present (2)

As you can expect, there were treats galore.

gus prefers what keith has

Though I had mastered the art of disapproval even then. Plus, I’d rather have what dad has… that looks like fun to chew on! (He never gave it to me to chew on.)

gus examining presents

But the wrapping paper was kind of a present in itself, so it was OK.

gus eating his present

Did I mention there were treats?

Yeah, that was a good Christmas.


Gus's Newer Portrait







4 responses to “The Buns of Christmas Past, Part 1”

  1. Hef's mom Avatar

    Haha, it looks like Gus is smoking a cigar in the last picture. Don’t set the tree on fire!

  2. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    Sounds like it was a treatfull Christmas!

  3. The Bunns Avatar

    Gonna be hard to top that one guys!

  4. Crafty Green poet Avatar

    that looks like a wonderful Christmas, hope there’ll be just as many treats for you this year too