Don’t Touch Me

I don’t care how cute I look – NO TOUCHING.

betsy in the sun

On the other hand, if you were to, say, put out a few treats for me, I might relax that rule… for just a little while, though.

Just sayin’.


betsy face closeup

Dad and his Stupid New Camera

Dad recently got a new camera. Now he’s taking more pictures of us than before. It’s a bit annoying.

betsy slinks closer

Every time he comes down, I have to go check him out – just in case he has some treats hidden on him somewhere.

betsy disapproves of the lack of treats

But, he never does. It’s just him and his stupid camera.

I’m very disappointed (in you dad, of course). Next time, bring treats.


Dramatic Zoom

Dad says we haven’t been very photogenic lately, which is why we haven’t had many posts.

So yesterday when he came out of his office for some more coffee, I was waiting.

gus zoom 1


gus zoom 2


gus zoom 3


gus zoom 4OK, dad. You got your stupid photos. Now give me some treats.


Puss-y Gussy

Mum and dad sometimes say I look “puss-y” – as in, having a sour-puss face. They say I’m being “puss-y Gussy” (making the two words rhyme).

pussy gussy I don’t know what they’re talking about though – that’s just my default expression.


Clean Litterbox Day: Then and Now

Dad and mum both tell me I’ve always loved to lie in my clean litterbox – and they dug up this picture to prove their point:

Baby Gus

This is a picture of me when I was very young – less than a year old. As you can see, I was flopping in my clean litter even back then.

I guess mum and dad saw some sort of similarity with the picture they took the other day. Or maybe they just wanted a reminder of how I was when I was little?

gus napping in his litterbox

But I didn’t need a reminder – I know I’ve always liked clean litterbox day. I mean, who wouldn’t?


Extreme Floppage

I am a master of all I do, naturally, and that includes extreme flopping:

gus demonstrating floppage

For most people, it takes years of practice to achieve this skill level of floppage – but it just comes naturally for me.


Sleepy Time

Whenever I’m hanging out in dad’s office, it’s pretty much always sleepy-time.

sleepy time for gus After a busy morning of getting up on the couch, trying to sneak into the bedroom, eating a big breakfast, pooping everywhere, ripping up some cardboard, and racing around the house a few times, who wouldn’t be tired?

sleepy time for gus (closeup) I certainly think I deserve a nice quiet nap! Wouldn’t you agree?


Seriously Not Snuggling

under-ear snuggle bunnies

I know what this looks like, but this was seriously not snuggling!!

I was just… um… using Betsy’s ear to block out the light from dad’s office so I could sleep. Yeah, that’s it!

No, really!