Sleepy Time

Whenever I’m hanging out in dad’s office, it’s pretty much always sleepy-time.

sleepy time for gus After a busy morning of getting up on the couch, trying to sneak into the bedroom, eating a big breakfast, pooping everywhere, ripping up some cardboard, and racing around the house a few times, who wouldn’t be tired?

sleepy time for gus (closeup) I certainly think I deserve a nice quiet nap! Wouldn’t you agree?



  1. Glad to see you’re all better Gus,was worried about you there for awhile. Where’s your side-kick? Do you take turns creating havoc? Have a nice nappy.

  2. I am so glad you are better now Gus. My sweet Stewie (a big white bunny like yourself) left for the rainbow bridge Tuesday. He stopped eating Saturday while at the bunnysitter and didn’t resume eating and pooping despite administration of sub-q’s, critical care, and metacam. It all happened so fast. It’s a good thing your dad noticed right away when things weren’t as usual. Even though you may find all the attention annoying, it’s for your own good. We would all miss you terribly if something were to happen to you. I love reading about your bunny adventures.

  3. Hello there cute little bunny. I suggest you go and sleep in your rabbit hutch because I am sure when your human will see you in that adorable position I am sure he or she will interrupt your sleep and pet you.

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