You Say ‘Snuggle,’ I say ‘Struggle’

Despite how this picture looks, we are not actually snuggling:

fighting for space under the box

In point of fact, we are actually struggling (not snuggling) to get the best spot under the box.

It’s OK though – I can understand how you might be confused. At least now you know the truth.








7 responses to “You Say ‘Snuggle,’ I say ‘Struggle’”

  1. DKM Avatar

    Sure looks like a snuggle…

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I get it. You’re both just trying to stand your ground.

  3. the bunns Avatar

    We are rabbits Gus. Truth does not compute.

  4. jerry kolbe Avatar
    jerry kolbe

    snuggle bunnies..neener neener

  5. jerry kolbe Avatar
    jerry kolbe

    love the Easter posters. It’s good to keep that out there, hopefully sparing poor little bunnies from being abused, and ignored the day after Easter
    And I’m really enjoying the tweets.

  6. Jessica Avatar

    Oh Gussie-poo, I love you so!! *snuggle snuggle*

  7. Glenna Avatar

    I think you two are smooshed together because you like it.