Food Coma

Like most bunnies, I really enjoy eating a nice big dinner full of dark leafy greens. Romaine lettuce, kale, parsley, dandelion greens – yum!

And after having a big meal, sometimes I like to just stretch out and digest. Dad does this too sometimes, and he calls it a “food coma.”

food coma gus

Oh yeah, big dinner, full tummy… time for a nap!

Now if only dad would stop bothering me by sneaking up on me and taking my picture, things would be perfect. Ah well.


Not the BunnyCam – Just a Regular Camera

Dad’s a big dope. He forgot to turn on the bunnycam today. Not that I would notice, since lately I’ve been spending my days out in our area, instead of in dad’s office (I need a break from Gus constantly trying to get me to groom him). But Gus told me about it. So, if you were looking forward to watching the bunnycam and watching Gus sleep all day long, blame dad. It’s all his fault.

Then, at the end of the day, he came out and cleaned my area – and I was not happy! I worked really hard to mess it up just the way I like it! How dare he clean it all up!

Just to show dad how mad I was, I didn’t even leave the area as he cleaned. I stayed there – even when he ran the loud vacuum cleaner. I think he knows I wasn’t happy, because he finished quickly and put out a big bowl of nice, fresh hay. (I waited until he wasn’t looking to come over and eat it, of course – can’t have him thinking that I appreciate what he did!)

Then dad came out and took some pictures – but he took them from the same spot he normally sits to give us treats. So, naturally, I came up for a look.

betsy is suspicious of the cameraDo you have any treats, dad?

betsy wants to know if there are any treats forthcomingPlease tell me you’ve got some treats there.

betsy doesn't think there are any treatsBut dad tricked me. He had no treats – just his silly beeping camera.

one last check for treatsI am not amused, dad.

betsy keeps a close eye out in case she missed some treatsI was not happy. Not happy at all.

betsy sits down disappointed there are no treatsTricking me like that is not very nice.

the look of disapproval from betsyHow could you trick me like that?

betsy says how could you not give me treatsI told dad I was not happy with him. Then I decided the best way to teach him a lesson was to ignore him.

betsy doing some grooming

Ignore him and spend some time grooming myself, of course.

betsy does not appreciate the flashBut then dad fired that silly flash thing on his camera. I don’t appreciate the flash in my eyes, dad!!

gus does not appreciate the flash eitherGus doesn’t like the flash either, dad. Why don’t you turn it off?

more betsy groomingThat’s better. Now stay there while I ignore you.

ultimate disapprovalThen, to finish things off, I flopped down and gave him my most intense stare of disapproval.

He left just after that. I think he learned his lesson.


Trying to Sleep

As you probably know, Gus and I like to camp out in dad’s office and sleep. This is not because we like him or anything; it’s just a… convenient place to sleep, that’s all. Really!

Of course, there are all sorts of sounds in dad’s office – the music he listens to all day, the people he talks to, the sound of him moving around in his chair, and of him getting up from time to time.

Fortunately, I am very good at ignoring dad so I can get some sleep.

betsy sleeping with ears up This is a new sleeping position I’ve developed recently – it helps me ignore dad in all the ways that matter, including ignoring the annoying “beep” from his camera.

I will let you know how it works out long term, but so far, so good.


Synchronized Floppage

Betsy and I are very different bunnies – but sometimes we think alike. And sometimes, we act alike – very alike!

synchronized floppage (from behind)

We were both just flopped out under dad’s chair, and just happened to be flopped in exactly the same way, side-by-side.

Dad apparently thinks this is really neat, because he was making a bunch of silly noises, like “awww” and “ohhh” and of course he had to take a picture (not a very good one if you ask me).

I just don’t get it.


Sleepy Time Behind Dad’s Chair

Daytime is sleepy time for us bunnies. Gus and I like to spend our day hiding behind dad’s big round chair.

Sometimes though I’ll be nice and sleep such that dad can see me.

betsy asleep behind the chair

As we like to remind dad, we have a very tough life, so we need to rest often.

Speaking of which, I think I need to go take another nap – goodnight!


Mummy’s Away Again

Mum and dad are away for a few days again. Which means I’m stuck at home with Gus, but with no dad to watch over us. And no mummy to give us treats the right way (i.e., lots).

This makes me feel a little down.

hard life for betsy

Still, at least we’ve got our Auntie Leisa to torment watch over us while mum and dad are away.

I guess I’ll manage.


Totally Not Snuggling

Dad saw us last night in this position, and he went all “awwww” and said we were being snuggle-buns.

cuddling bunnies

But he’s completely wrong. We’re totally not snuggling. Can’t you tell the difference? I’m just… leaning my head on Betsy. Using her as a pillow, you might say. Because I’m too tough a bunny to be seen snuggling!

Yeah, that’s definitely not snuggling dad. Learn to tell the difference, will ya? Geez.


I Love Clean Litter Box Day!

Dad cleaned my litterbox again yesterday, so of course I took advantage of this opportunity to lie quietly in a nice, clean, fresh litter box.

nothing makes gus happier than a clean litterbox

The trick is to get in there before Betsy can use it. She doesn’t understand the  joy of taking a quiet nap on fresh litter, so she just makes a mess of it (or digs in the box and scatters it everywhere).

gus loves clean litterbox day

Ahhhh…. yesssss…. time to settle down for a nap. Put that camera away, dad, I’m trying to sleep here.

I love “clean litter box day!”


Helping Gus

The other day, Gus was being “the boss” of the house.

Well, I decided I could help too. So when dad came out again later that day, I was there.

betsy in the middle of the living room

Yeah, I’m sitting in the middle of your living room, dad. What of it?

betsy bad fur day

Then dad made some comment on my fur – something about a “bad fur day.”

betsy gives me the death stare

I disapprove of you and your bad fur jokes, dad.


Another Day, Another Nap

It’s fun to nap while dad’s working, especially if I know he’s tired.

gus napping in dad's office

It’s important to nap somewhere where he can clearly see me, so he knows I’m napping while he works.

When you’re a bunny, you have to know these things.