Trying to Sleep

As you probably know, Gus and I like to camp out in dad’s office and sleep. This is not because we like him or anything; it’s just a… convenient place to sleep, that’s all. Really!

Of course, there are all sorts of sounds in dad’s office – the music he listens to all day, the people he talks to, the sound of him moving around in his chair, and of him getting up from time to time.

Fortunately, I am very good at ignoring dad so I can get some sleep.

betsy sleeping with ears up This is a new sleeping position I’ve developed recently – it helps me ignore dad in all the ways that matter, including ignoring the annoying “beep” from his camera.

I will let you know how it works out long term, but so far, so good.



  1. It’s very hard work, but with years of practice I have become almost as good at ignoring them as they are at ignoring me.

    Also, most of the time they’re hiding behind my chair, where I can’t see them. So that helps too.

  2. The perfect napping nook for a bunny.

    I suspect, Betsy, that you’re overstating all those noises you have to “ignore”… maybe, just maybe, you enjoy the noises a little bit? It took me a long time to accept it (it sounds crazy!), but I have to concede now that Frank does enjoy music: enough to seek out its origin and lay down nearby, time and time again!

    P.S. I dreamt about you and Gus the other week, Betsy! I brought Frank over to your place for a play date. Yes, I do think it’s safe to say I’ve lost my mind to rabbits!!

  3. I love you’re stories, I just happened upon your site and am so happy I did. What cuties you are! You’re dad seems to love + care about both of you lots + lots! Please let me know if you have a Face Book page. I’d love to ‘like’ it + become friends. I’ve been reading all of your stories to my fur-baby, Crystal-Belle. We both laugh + laugh. Keep up the good work!
    Julie 🙂

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