Tag: sleeping

  • Chuck sleeping in my office

    For some reason he just decided he was going to sleep in my office today (not that I’m complaining!).

  • Chuck passed out

    My heart always stops for a moment when I see either of the buns sleeping like this… then I see them breathing and I can relax, knowing that he’s just sleeping really, really deeply.

  • We’re Still Here

    We’re still here, we’ve just been… busy. Um… very, very busy. Doing very important things. Things that you wouldn’t understand. I think we’re done here. -Gus

  • Ms. Bunny Manners

    After eating a big meal (and scattering bits of it around the floor of course) it’s important to rest and relax, to allow time for digestion. This lets your host know that you found the meal… acceptable. Needless to say, Gus and I are experts at this. -Betsy


    Just a little advice that I’m passing along… when you see a bunny sleeping peacefully – like this: DON’T WAKE HIM UP. OR ELSE. That is all. -Gus

  • Shhhhh…

    Can’t you see I’m sleeping? Sleep with one eye open… ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…. -Gus

  • The Good Life

    There really is nothing quite like a nap in a freshly-cleaned litter box. Now if I could just convince dad of that fact so he’ll leave me alone… -Gus

  • We’re Still Here

    Gus explains the recent blogging absence as him & Betsy being very busy… busy taking naps, that is!

  • Trying to Nap

    Betsy is trying to take a nap, and dad is NOT helping.

  • Sleeping is Serious Business

    Betsy takes sleeping VERY seriously.