Ms. Bunny Manners

After eating a big meal (and scattering bits of it around the floor of course) it’s important to rest and relax, to allow time for digestion. This lets your host know that you found the meal… acceptable.

bunnies lounging

Needless to say, Gus and I are experts at this.


betsy face closeup

We’re Still Here

In case anyone thinks we’ve disappeared, well, we haven’t. We’ve just been super busy!

Yeah, that’s it.

napping gus

And of course, when I say super busy I mean super busy taking naps.

Hey, you gotta have priorities.



Trying to Nap

As you know, both Gus and I like to take naps in dad’s office. Most of the time he doesn’t bother us.

betsy napping But sometimes, he does. (Like when he takes my picture.)

betsy wakes up Geez, can’t a bun get some peace and quiet around here!


Sleeping, Again

Some of you might remember that I like to sleep. I like to think I’ve perfected my sleeping technique. In fact, I was practicing it today:

betsy totally flopped out This is sort of my de-facto sleeping position.

betsy sleeping very peacefully Trust me – it is more comfortable than it looks.

Speaking of which, dad mentioned to me that I look exactly like a previous photo he took of me in the same position.

I guess I’m just a perfectionist.

By the way, the nice thing about this spot is that you can’t see me on the Bunnycam when I sleep here. I mean, after all, who wants to be watched while they sleep?


Trying to Sleep

As you probably know, Gus and I like to camp out in dad’s office and sleep. This is not because we like him or anything; it’s just a… convenient place to sleep, that’s all. Really!

Of course, there are all sorts of sounds in dad’s office – the music he listens to all day, the people he talks to, the sound of him moving around in his chair, and of him getting up from time to time.

Fortunately, I am very good at ignoring dad so I can get some sleep.

betsy sleeping with ears up This is a new sleeping position I’ve developed recently – it helps me ignore dad in all the ways that matter, including ignoring the annoying “beep” from his camera.

I will let you know how it works out long term, but so far, so good.