We’re Still Here

We’re still here, we’ve just been… busy.

gus chillaxin in his new spot

Um… very, very busy.

sleepy gus napping

Doing very important things.

snuggle bunnies behind the chair

Things that you wouldn’t understand.

bunny snub

I think we’re done here.


gus portrait






8 responses to “We’re Still Here”

  1. Mr. Mick (and Jade) Avatar

    Foo’ humans just don’t understand. We rabbits need time to get our proper rest so we can do all the things we do when they’re NOT looking.

  2. Tamsin Avatar

    Gosh, you have been busy. I don’t know how you manage to fit so much in!

  3. speedyrabbit Avatar

    Hehehe I’m with you Gus…its a hard life ain’t it mate?xx Speedy

  4. the hooomin Avatar

    Love this… x

  5. the bunns Avatar

    Why rabbits do not suffer any of the stress-related ailments!

  6. brandi Avatar

    I have been looking at the photos on Instagram. Instagram, right? Anyway, there are some very adorable pictures of these being “busy”.

    1. Keithius Avatar

      Actually, all of the pictures of the buns are hosted on my Flickr account.

      1. brandi Avatar

        Yes, Flickr. I knew it was something photo-ie.