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The Things I Put Up With

It’s a tough life, being me. You wouldn’t believe the things I have to put up with.

Like, for example, this:

gus sleeping with betsy on his face

There I was, just trying to take an after-dinner nap, and Betsy came along and sat on my face.

gus flopped on his side (from above)

*sigh* The things I put up with…


gus portrait

Sleeping, Again

Some of you might remember that I like to sleep. I like to think I’ve perfected my sleeping technique. In fact, I was practicing it today:

betsy totally flopped out This is sort of my de-facto sleeping position.

betsy sleeping very peacefully Trust me – it is more comfortable than it looks.

Speaking of which, dad mentioned to me that I look exactly like a previous photo he took of me in the same position.

I guess I’m just a perfectionist.

By the way, the nice thing about this spot is that you can’t see me on the Bunnycam when I sleep here. I mean, after all, who wants to be watched while they sleep?