Sleeping is Serious Business

…and I treat it as such.

betsy napping (with ear up) -Betsy






9 responses to “Sleeping is Serious Business”

  1. Tamsin Avatar

    Aww, bless. I do wonder though – should you be wearing a hard hat? That structure looks a little unstable.. don’t want to get in trouble with the building inspectors!

  2. DKM Avatar


  3. SixBunnies Avatar

    I wish I could sleep like that!

  4. jerry kolbe Avatar
    jerry kolbe

    Awww. Enjoy your sweepies Betsy.

  5. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    A bun needs her beauty sleep. I hope the photographer didn’t disturb you.

  6. Mickey (and Jade) Avatar

    Mum says that I sleep like that. I say it’s hard to get much sleep when people keep waking me up talking about how cute I am when I’m asleep.

  7. Mats Avatar

    The sleeping beauty, how cute!
    I hope Betsy is doing well recovering from her abscess problem!

  8. Lisa Avatar

    That is one seriously flopped out bun! 🙂 And how is everybun feeling?

  9. the bunns Avatar

    There you go again – inspiring us all by raising the bar to new heights!