Trying to Nap

As you know, both Gus and I like to take naps in dad’s office. Most of the time he doesn’t bother us.

betsy napping But sometimes, he does. (Like when he takes my picture.)

betsy wakes up Geez, can’t a bun get some peace and quiet around here!







6 responses to “Trying to Nap”

  1. Tamsin Avatar

    Someone needs a quieter camera! Or possibly somebun else needs some ear muffs.

  2. The Bunns Avatar

    Barely disturbed is about how that looks ….

  3. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    But Betsy, can we help it if we humans get all overwhelmed when you’re putting out that much cute? We’re only humans after all, we can only take so much.

  4. craftygreenpoet Avatar

    I’m with Jade, you’re so cute Betsy, how is anyone supposed to resist taking your photo?

  5. DKM Avatar

    Sorry Betsy – you are too squee-worthy to not have dad taking your picture!

  6. Shadowydreamer Avatar

    That is a Grade A, Class One, disapproving look. Did your Dad get stunned by it and immediately start groveling for forgiveness??