I’m Not Grumpy

Dad says I’m always a little grumpy looking when I wake up from my naps.

gus wakes up from nappy time

I don’t know what he’s talking about.

gus is always a little grumpy when he wakes up from a nap


gus is not amused

Oh, dad, you are so going to get it for this one.



4 thoughts on “I’m Not Grumpy

  1. Mickey (and Jade)

    Your dad is lucky he’s still in one piece; apparently he doesn’t know that we rabbits can emit lethal levels of disapproval when our sleep is disrupted. You should poop in his slippers to remind him.

  2. Shadowydreamer

    Oh what a handsome and charming rabbit you are Mr Gus! I just loves your toro ears! *she coos .. right up until death stare gets put in her direction and she runs away screaming.*

    I think pic #2 could make the Disapproval Rabbit top 10.. Poor abused Gus!

  3. Keithius

    In my defense, I did not wake Gus up – he just wakes up in the afternoon/early evening on his own and looks like this.

    Like me, he’s not a “morning” person I guess!

    Don’t blame me, Gus, I just take the pictures – you’re the one making the faces!

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