Synchronized Floppage

Betsy and I are very different bunnies – but sometimes we think alike. And sometimes, we act alike – very alike!

synchronized floppage (from behind)

We were both just flopped out under dad’s chair, and just happened to be flopped in exactly the same way, side-by-side.

Dad apparently thinks this is really neat, because he was making a bunch of silly noises, like “awww” and “ohhh” and of course he had to take a picture (not a very good one if you ask me).

I just don’t get it.


7 thoughts on “Synchronized Floppage

  1. Nicole

    Oh, man, and I thought I was happy with yesterday’s photo. This is just about the cutest thing ever. Betsy, Gus, you might not get it, but you’ve made me a very happy human.

  2. The Bunns

    Nah Gus – you guys are rabbits like us. We don’t get lots of things. But – as long as the craisins keep being got, then we are cool. PS (Betsy gots BIG feet!)

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