Totally Not Snuggling

Dad saw us last night in this position, and he went all “awwww” and said we were being snuggle-buns.

cuddling bunnies

But he’s completely wrong. We’re totally not snuggling. Can’t you tell the difference? I’m just… leaning my head on Betsy. Using her as a pillow, you might say. Because I’m too tough a bunny to be seen snuggling!

Yeah, that’s definitely not snuggling dad. Learn to tell the difference, will ya? Geez.







11 responses to “Totally Not Snuggling”

  1. Glenna Avatar

    Right, Gus. Definitely a tough–not tender–bunny.

  2. lisa (the human) Avatar

    Looks like snuggling to us! But we won’t tell anyone, wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation 😉

  3. D Moll Avatar

    Not snuggling, it looks like you have a really too small space and so must have bodily contact if you are going to lay down from the exhaustion of being a bunny, so what are you to do but use Betsy as a pillow? it is not snuggling, Gus, your dad is wrong again.

  4. Nicole Avatar

    Awww, total snugglebuns! Gus, you’re fooling no-one.

  5. Mr. Blue Avatar
    Mr. Blue

    I am not a snuggle bunny either. But my lady love, Bella, likes to keep warm. I have to take care of her. It’s what I have to do because I love her! ::binkies::

  6. Mats Avatar

    You cute little snugglebuns!

  7. Lando Bun Avatar
    Lando Bun

    Sisters make good pillows – that is all.

  8. the bunns Avatar

    You waz Photoshopped Gus … it has even happened to Oprah.

  9. Freckles and Deb Avatar

    Sorry, Gus, you’re not fooling us…that’s a definite snuggle!

  10. Crafty Green poet Avatar

    I’m not fooled either, that’s definitely a snuggle

  11. jerry kolbe Avatar

    “I hear you Gus. My human thinks I’m into the cuddling thing too…Jeez humans”