Totally Not Snuggling

Dad saw us last night in this position, and he went all “awwww” and said we were being snuggle-buns.

cuddling bunnies

But he’s completely wrong. We’re totally not snuggling. Can’t you tell the difference? I’m just… leaning my head on Betsy. Using her as a pillow, you might say. Because I’m too tough a bunny to be seen snuggling!

Yeah, that’s definitely not snuggling dad. Learn to tell the difference, will ya? Geez.



  1. Not snuggling, it looks like you have a really too small space and so must have bodily contact if you are going to lay down from the exhaustion of being a bunny, so what are you to do but use Betsy as a pillow? it is not snuggling, Gus, your dad is wrong again.

  2. I am not a snuggle bunny either. But my lady love, Bella, likes to keep warm. I have to take care of her. It’s what I have to do because I love her! ::binkies::

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