Clean Litterbox Day: Then and Now

Dad and mum both tell me I’ve always loved to lie in my clean litterbox – and they dug up this picture to prove their point:

Baby Gus

This is a picture of me when I was very young – less than a year old. As you can see, I was flopping in my clean litter even back then.

I guess mum and dad saw some sort of similarity with the picture they took the other day. Or maybe they just wanted a reminder of how I was when I was little?

gus napping in his litterbox

But I didn’t need a reminder – I know I’ve always liked clean litterbox day. I mean, who wouldn’t?



  1. Gus, you–ahem–rather fill that box now. Or is it a smaller box? Hee! The bunnies here like a clean litterbox too.

  2. Actually, the new litterbox is a tiny bit *bigger* than the old one.

    Gus has grown quite a bit! He weighed just over 1 lb in the first photo; now he weighs 6.5 lbs!

  3. What a sweet little boy in a nice clean litter box 🙂 Everybunny loves a clean litterbox, G
    Gus, even if we act indignant about the cleaning.

  4. GUS! The other day we could not open your blog – it said something like Bandwidth exceeded. Is that YOUR bandwidth – eh Gus?

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