Dramatic Zoom

Dad says we haven’t been very photogenic lately, which is why we haven’t had many posts.

So yesterday when he came out of his office for some more coffee, I was waiting.

gus zoom 1


gus zoom 2


gus zoom 3


gus zoom 4OK, dad. You got your stupid photos. Now give me some treats.



  1. Not photogenic?! You and Betsy are always photogenic, Gus! And what’s the deal with your webcam being down so much this week? I bet someone’s jealous over just how photogenic you are and is trying to manipulate your media exposure. Humans just require endless training and re-education.

  2. Does he ever consider that maybe you don’t WANT your picture taken? But, I must say, that was quite the dramatic zoom.

  3. Hey Gus,
    Long time readers, first time posters. We’ve found a very cute white rabbit like yourself who appears to be an abandoned easter bunny. We’ve been trying to rescue him for the past week here but have not been successful yet. We know that we’ll catch him in the next few days and that he’ll find a great forever home one day.

    He looks just like you, and we would like to call him Gus in your honor! (If you want, we can send you a photo. Unlike the Gusmeister, this guy doesn’t mind having his picture taken!)

    1. I really hope you can catch him and take him somewhere safe. I’m sure he will appreciate it. I know I did.

      This would not be the first time I’ve met another bunny called Gus, so go ahead.

      And I would love to see some pictures. You’d think that all white pink-eyed bunnies look the same, but actually we all have very subtle differences, and it is fun to try and spot them! (For us bunnies the differences are easy to see – and smell – but for humans it is a harder game to play.)

      Good luck! Please let me know how things go!

  4. By “not being photogenic” I really mean “hiding in the tunnel all the time where I can’t even take a photo of you.”

    Maybe if you two came out to visit me more often I wouldn’t have this problem… hint, hint!

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