Floppy New Year

This year I decided to start the new year off with a really big flop.

gus flopped 2

Dad saw this and thought it was particularly noteworthy, so he came and took my picture.

I think maybe I’ll aim to improve my flopping and napping techniques this year. How about you?








6 responses to “Floppy New Year”

  1. Lorna Appleby Avatar

    I don’t blame you for your floppage Mr Gus, it must be terrible exhausting to be so very handsome AND cute all at once!

  2. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    Mr. Mick commends you on your flopping technique, Gus–he says his goals for 2012 are to become more efficient at treat acquisition and slave management.

  3. Mats Avatar

    Floppy New Year to you Gus and to Betsy and to your mum and dad!

  4. DKM Avatar


  5. The Bunns Avatar

    You got FLOP wrapped up Gussy. We’ll go for – uh – uh … uh … CUTE!

  6. Abigail Avatar

    I think that’s a great New Year’s resolution. I don’t know what I’m gonna work on. I kinda like my flopping technique. I mean, it’s not anywhere near yours, but ya know, if it ain’t broke…..