Understanding Bunnies

Lesson one: the subtleties of bunny communication.

Mildly interested in you:

gus is slightly interested in what I'm doing

Despises your very existence:

disapproving gus

See the difference?

Next time: how to tell when it’s time to feed your bunny.


gus portrait






6 responses to “Understanding Bunnies”

  1. speedyrabbit Avatar

    hahaha yep see these to all the time!xx Rachel

  2. brandi Avatar

    Gustavo! Where the heck have you and Betzee been hiding?
    I sense the difference more than see it, like looking at a summer sun and a winter sun. They look exactly the same, but the winter sun does not lend any warmth to the day at all.

  3. Janis Avatar

    It’s all in the ears…. It seems as if a bunny’s ears talk!!!

  4. Scott Farquhar Avatar
    Scott Farquhar

    This is a great resource for bunny parents:


  5. the bunns Avatar

    Gus nails it!

  6. Mr. Mick (and Jade) Avatar

    I dunno, “despise” seems a bit strong–after all, humans do serve a somewhat useful purpose with their opposable thumb-things and all, being able to open refrigerator doors and stuff…perhaps “barely tolerate” would be more appropriate? Then again, your human may be more deficient than mine, who am I to judge? Carry on.