Betsy’s Morning Face

You don’t want to see my other faces – now bring me my breakfast!!

betsy's morning face


betsy face closeup






6 responses to “Betsy’s Morning Face”

  1. Lalis Avatar

    Lol!! Perfect shot.

  2. Jade and Mr. Mick Avatar

    Yes, ma’am! Right away, ma’am!

    Oh, wait…

  3. Mats Avatar

    You look lovely, Betsy, even when you are that disapproving!

  4. E & B Avatar
    E & B

    I love Betsy’s faces!

  5. the bunns Avatar

    Awwww .. you have great faces Betsy. Like So. Dakota – “Great Faces, Great Places”!

  6. Killarney Sheffield Avatar

    Great pic! We had the most amazing Holland Lop rabbit. He was such a joy and amusing companion I was inspired to write my 14th historical romantic adventure around him. Love’s Magic releases March 17 and I would love to share it and the amazing rabbit who inspired the book with you and your followers. Feel free to contact me.