Understanding Bunnies, Part 2

Lesson two: how to tell if it’s time to feed your bunny.

It’s always time to feed your bunny. But there are different ways to communicate how late you are with feeding your bunny. For example:

Feed me now:

gus waiting for breakfast

Why haven’t you fed me yet?

gus is checking to see why breakfast hasn't been served yet


gus portrait


  1. When I saw the title, I thought “it’s always time to feed the bunnies” and then saw your answer! I am a well trained human. I know it’s always time to feed them and yet I am still always late. Gus, you look very much like my Squirtford, except he is grayer around the nose. Check him out!

  2. Gus and Betsy I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas in your new house. Have a great New Year.

    Sawyer, Max, Ruby, Elby, Eddie, Bailey and Binx plus Fawn and Reese the Fosters.

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