I told you before, we’re NOT snuggling

There’s a draft in dad’s office – it comes from under the door that leads out to the garage. It’s not bad, but it has been a little chilly recently (p.s. it’s snowing out again – I love it, dad’s going absolutely nuts).

So, once again, I have to remind everyone that this is NOT snuggling:

snuggle bunnies under a box 3-21-2011 4-30-41 PM

Despite what it might look like, we are actually just huddled together for warmth from the draft. Yeah, that’s all.

Now, carry on.







11 responses to “I told you before, we’re NOT snuggling”

  1. Glenna Avatar

    Or a business meeting where you are whispering about top-secret developments!

  2. Mummy Avatar

    How come you never want to snuggle with me Gus?

  3. Mats Avatar

    What a cute pair of snuggle-buns you are!

  4. jerry kolbe Avatar
    jerry kolbe

    I hear you Gus..(wink wink).

  5. fab furs Avatar
    fab furs

    Everybunny knows that by sharing body heat you can prevent hypothermia. You should send your Dad out to get you one of those draft stopper things, so you won’t have to snuggle together out of necessity, but because you want to.

  6. Lisa Avatar

    I don’t know. That looks like a pretty incredible snuggle to me.

  7. DKM Avatar


  8. Shell May Avatar

    Hmmmmmmm…nope…snuggling it is. Seeing is believing. 🙂

  9. Abigail Avatar

    I wish I had a bun friend to snuggle with. I only have my human.

  10. the bunns Avatar

    Whatever. Seems to work. Tell dad to butt out. What does he know?