Sharing, not Snuggling

Despite how it might look, we’re not actually snuggling – we’re sharing one of the best napping spots in the house, under our dilapidated old cardboard box thing.

snuggling under the box Dad of course says we’re being “snuggle bunnies,” but he’s wrong, wrong, wrong.



  1. It’s very polite of you to share such a coveted space. Doubtless it will also come in handy this winter if the thermostat is kept low: the insulation of the cardboard and the extra fur will serve to keep you both warmer. Maybe for the holidays your folks could spring for a new and bigger box.

  2. I’d get them a bigger box, but every time I give them a different box, they destroy it. This seems to be the only one they leave intact. (Strangely enough.)

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