Honestly, We’re NOT Snuggling

I’m not snuggling with Betsy in this picture. Nope.

snuggle bunnies - betsy and gus

I’m actually using her for a pillow. See, only my head is resting on her.







9 responses to “Honestly, We’re NOT Snuggling”

  1. Speedy Rabbit Avatar

    Of course,I totally understand you,you’re to tough for soft stuff!

  2. Jade (and Mickey) Avatar

    awwwwwww, but you look so CUTE!

  3. brandi Avatar

    Seems legit, Gustavo, mi amigo.

  4. the bunns Avatar

    You are going soft on us Gus. Man up – get out and be tough and stand-offish!

  5. Bunny servant Avatar
    Bunny servant

    Better watch that white power cord; an enterprising buns will periscope to bite through that…

  6. Jessica N. Avatar
    Jessica N.

    You are such a cutie Gusie-poo. And lookie what I found online: http://www.neatorama.com/2012/10/12/Over-40-Fantastic-Animal-Halloween-Costumes/ Your old pic of torture as a devil!

  7. brandi Avatar

    OMG, The Devil and the Queen. You two are too dang cute for the internet!

  8. the bunns Avatar

    Blog award for you guys at House of Rabbits!

  9. masterofboots Avatar

    this blog so made me laugh! My two bunnies are just as insolent and demanding.